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It’s in the cards!

A small sample of my greeting cards.  I hope to get back into this some time next year, time permitting.

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Design of the Day – Greeting Card Universe

After quite a long break from “Greeting Card Universe” I decided to join up again not so long ago.  While my shop is still small – I only have 25 cards there at the moment – I was very surprised this morning to get my second ‘Design of the Day’ award from them!

Not only that, but as I was looking at Facebook, a sponsored ad popped up also showing that my card was featured.   Although it’s nothing major, it’s always exciting to see your work being promoted, and of course even more so to get an email saying you’ve made a sale!

You can visit my store here if you’d like to see a better picture, or browse other stores.  They are currently having a sale where cards are only $1.99 (USD) each – that’s a pretty good price – but it is only going on for a few more hours according to their website.

Design of the Day - 16th October 2015
Design of the Day – 16th October 2015
Facebook Sponsored Ad pop up!
Facebook Sponsored Ad pop up!
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Finally getting somewhere with my greeting card project!

As I mentioned some days ago, I’ve decided to give Greeting Card Universe another try and finally, after getting many ‘card returned for edit’ emails (for lots of reasons), I got my first card through straight away yesterday! YAY me!

This is the card in question.  militaryretirementNow I had expected it to be rejected due to the quality of the photo (It was taken in the late 1910’s) – even though I had tweaked it a bit – so I was rather happy to see it go straight to approved.  While it looks basic – and it is – the verse inside is what connects the photo and the ‘Happy Retirement’ text.

While it is a bit frustrating to be called out on things like ‘we feel your picture is too dark, please lighten it’, or ‘please move your text‘ I guess it’s all good feedback and helps you going forward when sitting there designing something new.

With the sites new guidelines it IS very important to get it right the first time because they have set a limit on how many cards your store can have and ALL cards submitted go towards that count, even if they are declined, so you don’t really want to be submitting cards that may have any reason to be thrown out.  Definitely a learning process! Continue reading “Finally getting somewhere with my greeting card project!”

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The revamped “Greeting Card Universe” site.

Quite a few years ago now I had a store at this site – and basically it was a free for all, upload any art you had and make it into a greeting card.  Trouble is some people would use just one piece of art and upload it into hundreds of categories – simply by changing the title.  For example, you’d have a photo, or a piece of art with a rose on it, and there would be dozens of titles showing up one after the other in the ‘new cards’ feed.  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Get Well, Sympathy and on the list goes.

I decided to give them a try again this past day or two and found that they have become very strict in their guidelines (I believe this has been in place for a couple of years or so).  I hadn’t actually realised this at the time of ‘uploading’ a couple of cards and mine were immediately rejected.  Ooooh!  I then spent half a day reading lots of posts, their many guidelines, looking at ‘new’ cards and so on to get a feel of what is expected.  My first breakthrough came this morning when I was asked to edit my ‘notes to the reviewer’ to state that the verse I used was my own.  Well, it was actually from a card I’d had in their store about 5 years ago, so as far as I was concerned, it was still my own work.  Luckily it came back accepted. Continue reading “The revamped “Greeting Card Universe” site.”