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Half the year gone already?

Well, so much for getting back into my art work.  Half the year gone and I’ve only really painted two paintings this year so far.

While we are actively now house hunting, our rental is still dull and drab, and so I decided I wanted something big and bright to cheer it up a bit.  I’ve been a fan of Rosina Wachmeister for decades, and so decided to use one of her prints for inspiration, and also to be able to have a bit of a play with it to make it my own.

So here is the finished painting.  The three cats are actually versions of my own three – although of course Tyson is no longer with us.  So on the left is our ‘tabby Manx’ (although I’ve given her a tail in this one).  Next to her is our black and white cat Molly.  Laying to the right is the ‘ode to Tyson’.  Even though he has been gone 5 years now, I still miss the cheeky little so and so and wish he was still with us.

I used not only silver foil, but also silver markers in this painting to do the ‘swirly’ bits.  They don’t quite show up on the photo, but when they catch the light, they look great.  The close up pic shows the left hand side better than the larger one.  This one is 24 x 36 inches.  I will eventually varnish it and put a coating over the foil as I have read that over time it will basically disintegrate? Who knew!

Ode to my three cats LP, Molly and Tyson in the style of Rosina Wachmeister
A slightly better view of the swirly bits that were done using a silver marker

So what’s next?  Well I’d really like to have a go at an acrylic painting version of this digital kitten painting I did.  I just love the colours and just happen to have a nice 24 x 24 inch canvas that would be perfect for it.

The biggest hurdle is still the lack of a dedicated ‘art’ area or even room and of course it’s the middle of winter now so by the time I get home from work it’s almost dark so there is no natural light.  Still, I can at least get the sketching part started.

Hopefully I will have an update sooner rather than later this time, but don’t hold your breath – just in case life gets in the way!

Thanks for taking a peek and hanging in there while I get myself back into the swing of things. xx

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March is nearly over now too….

The best laid plans and all that!  I really can’t believe how fast the year is once again whizzing by.  I know I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with my art, but seriously… the first quarter of the year almost over? Yikes!

I am still working on my acrylic painting, although it has come a long way since I posted the work in progress pic back in …gulp..January.  In the pic below you can see how far I have gotten and those things that look like white blobs are in fact sequins that I decided to stick on for fun.  You will also notice a huge change in the colour scheme as I decided to go off in a different direction.

So what is left to do on this one?  Well, I want to tidy up the lips a bit to give them a bit of definition, add some lace/gauze frills around the neck area and perhaps some kind of simple design on the mask itself – not sure about that yet.  Then I think I will call it done.

As I currently have nowhere to keep my art in progress, this one is actually hanging on the wall already, which is quite handy.  As they say, you just have to make do with what you have and until I get back to having a dedicated room for all my art stuff, then the living room wall is the place to hang my work until it is actually finished.  I say ‘all my art stuff’ tongue in cheek of course as I am having to start over with a lot of it.

So, enjoy this update, and thank you for taking the time to do so.  I do have another piece in the works as there is a spot above the fireplace here that needs something and for me, that is going to be my own copy of one of Rosina Wachtmeisters works.  I absolutely love her work and doing my own is the next best thing to owning a framed print!  Hopefully I won’t take as long to get that one going!

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Where do the days go?

I had hoped to be posting more this year – but so far things are still pretty slow in the art department here.

The days seem to be whizzing by and before you know it, another week has gone by and I have nothing much to show for it.

I did manage to pick up some acrylic paints a week or so ago.  I had seen the Atelier Interactive paints some time ago while watching an episode of Put some

Atelier Interactive Acrylic Paints
Atelier Interactive Acrylic Paints

Colour in your life” and thought they might be good to try out.

I must say that they do indeed feel ‘buttery’ in texture, and while I like the variety of colours in the set, I would actually prefer to have a somewhat limited palette and mix my own colours – using the larger tubes of course!

The greatest thing about these acrylics is that they do not dry out as quickly as normal acrylics, and can be kept moist for blending simply by using a small fine spray of water.  There are also special retarder mediums you can buy if you wish.  I have yet to find a good art supply store here and may end up ordering my supplies on line, but for now the water does the trick.

So have I actually started anything?  Well, yes, I have started a project – although with it being summer and me being back in the work force I find my painting time is so much less now.  For the moment though, I am slowly working on a fun project piece – mostly to try out these new paints and also to once again have some original art work to hang in the house.

Here is where I am at with this particular painting.  It’s another ‘mask’ – and it’s basically at the colour blocking stage with very little detail at all. The blues will be changed to some other colour, leaving just the aqua/green colour at the top.  It looks a bit weird at the moment, but it will come together as I work on it.   Hopefully I will also get a better photo for the next update – and by then there will be a lot more to see!

Work in Progress
Work in Progress –  Acrylic on stretched canvas

One of the things I want to do with this piece is to eventually add some gold and silver paint – or even ink – which means I will have to go a huntin’!  I’ve gone from a studio/room full of supplies to no studio/room with a small limited supply of paints etcnts etc…so sad!

Anyway, updates coming as soon as there is something to share!

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A Splash of Paint! 2 – my first E-book!

Just looking at my lack of posts this year, yet again, and thinking I really should do more!  I would, but for the last 6 months my time has been needed elsewhere and so I have had to put aside the ‘art’ and concentrate on other things.

However, over the past months I have put together a little art E-Book called “A Splash of Paint! 2”.  I had hoped it would be able to be seen on all platforms, but at this moment it is only available to those with iPads, iPhones or iReaders (although I am not sure they are that great).  It does not work on PC or Kindle unfortunately. (The format is a fixed ebook, unlike the free flow of Kindle.)

It is a collection of some newer art, some faves from my printed book I did back in 2013, and at the end a video showing a lot more work in a slide show bonus.

The cover is shown below – and here is the link to the book at my Blurb store.  I have listed it at US$1.99.  Please note that Blurb does NOT refund digital books, so PLEASE make sure you can actually view it before making a purchase.

Many thanks to those who have been with me during my artistic journey, those who let me use their photos, their music and allowed me to link back to them in the book.  We artists, no matter what genre or medium need to support each other. xxxx

A Splash of Paint! 2
A Splash of Paint! 2



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Gotta love a massive canvas!

I love painting on big canvases – but painting something this size would just be amazing!  Not only that, but to have a studio that big! WOW!

I love the simplicity and the bold and vibrant colours.  This particular video has definitely inspired me for getting back into traditional painting maybe towards the end of this year or maybe in 2017.  Having now sold all my art materials, I am left with just digital to play with for the foreseeable future – but I really do enjoy seeing other artists’ work.

Lauryne Hart is a South African artist living and working in New Zealand – check out the video.


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The Mask – it’s done and dusted!

About two weeks ago I posted a pic of my ‘Mask’ painting and was thinking about what else I wanted to do with it.  Soooo –  I dragged out my craft bits and pieces that have been laying around – in some cases for several years – and went crazy sticking individual gems, tiny sequins, buttons and so on in as many places as I could.

You can see the painting before I went nuts HERE.

Once the glue had dried thoroughly I gave it a light coat of acrylic varnish which I thought would also help keep some of the bits firmly stuck down.  Well, not sure that worked, but in regards to the tiny gems, it certainly makes them more shiny when the sun hits them.  There is also quite a lot of gold paint – but again you only really see it when the sun hits it.

So without further waffle, here is the finished piece.  Sadly it’s hard to get the ‘glow’ of the stuck on pieces, so you’ll have to imagine it. HA!  The colours are also more realistic in this one than the other pics I have uploaded.  (Probably because finally today, it’s nice and light and sunny!)

The Mask
The Mask