Brian J Bohnett – The Remarkable Enid Markey


“’Raw talent’ sums up the artwork of Sally Rowland! Add in a natural feel for balance, design and color, and you have one of the  best self-taught artists around. A wonderful artist… and a wonderful person!  I was honored to have one of Ms. Rowland’s portraits reproduced in my book, and immediately enlisted her talents for the next.”

~ Brian J. Bohnett,  Michigan, USA


Brian Bohnett is not only an author, but a researcher, illustrator and graphic designer.  He has his own publishing company “Mad Kings Publishing” and has published several books to date with more in the works.  I have known Brian for some years and was thrilled when he asked if a digital painting I did could be included in his book “The Remarkable Enid Markey – First Lady of the Tarzan Films.”  (Published in 2012). While I know most of us have heard of Tarzan, I know I had never heard of Enid Markey.

The video below – produced by Zac Miller for the book –  explains, in a fun way, just who Enid Markey was.  I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book as it was easy to digest and loaded with photographs, illustrations and all things “Markey”.


Enid Markey - greyscale version
Enid Markey – Original grey scale version

Always wanting to improve my art, and also teach myself how to paint digitally, I took one of the old photos of Enid and began playing about with it.  I  originally did it in greyscale ( because of course the original was black and white).

I then decided to experiment with my painting software and to get the coloured version I simply did lots of layers for each area – skin, hair, dress, headscarf etc – and set them as overlays so that the detail underneath would still show through.  I am just happy that Brian deemed it good enough to put in his book.



Enid Markey - Final colour version used in the book.
Enid Markey – Final colour version used in the book.

If you would like to learn more about Enid, the book, or other books written by Brian, you can join the Mad Kings Publishing Facebook Group hosted by him. (Note that it is a closed group so you would have to send a request to join. See you there!


PS – I have since completed some more artwork for one of Brian’s upcoming books – all very exciting indeed!


Guitarra Azul – CD cover artwork by Sally Ann Rowland



 The amazing Sally Ann Rowland has designed Cover Art for Guitarra Azul on all 3 of our Albums… with glorious results! They are certainly eye catching and a joy to admire… we have had a great deal of success with sales, in part due to the beautiful artwork gracing “Mariposa” “Oasis” and “Lotus Flower”! Our fans say they love the design of our CD’s almost as much as the music contained within. Thank You Sally!

Steve Edwards, Guitarra Azul, Chicago, USA



Guitarra Azul - CD Artwork
Guitarra Azul – CD Artwork


These are the three CD covers I produced for Guitarra Azul.

Oasis was the second CD that came out in 2008.  The artwork for this CD was actually an oil painting on a 24 x 24 inch stretched canvas.  The writing was all handpainted – and in fact the first title of this CD was Un Beso Mas, which I had already painted.  When Steve decided to change the title it was quite the challenge to change it, mostly due to being in black oil paint.

In 2012 Lotus Flower was released.  By this time I had delved into the world of digital art, and used Corel Painter software and my trusty pen and tablet.  Steve was quite clear on what he wanted and finally the artwork you see here was the end result.

In 2013 Mariposa (remix) was released, some 7 years after the original Mariposa made it’s debut.  This artwork again was produced digitally but with the feel of ‘canvas’.  The butterfly on this CD is very similar to the one on the original Mariposa so I think it links together rather well.

For me the best part of being involved in these projects is that I absolutely love the music.  If you have never heard of them before, just click on any of the following links and they will whisk you off to a banquet for the ears!

Guitarra Azul – ITUNES

Guitarra Azul – CD Baby

I for one will be looking forward to the next CD and hopefully it’s not too far away!


So, just for fun – which cover do you like most?