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Half the year gone already?

Well, so much for getting back into my art work.  Half the year gone and I’ve only really painted two paintings this year so far.

While we are actively now house hunting, our rental is still dull and drab, and so I decided I wanted something big and bright to cheer it up a bit.  I’ve been a fan of Rosina Wachmeister for decades, and so decided to use one of her prints for inspiration, and also to be able to have a bit of a play with it to make it my own.

So here is the finished painting.  The three cats are actually versions of my own three – although of course Tyson is no longer with us.  So on the left is our ‘tabby Manx’ (although I’ve given her a tail in this one).  Next to her is our black and white cat Molly.  Laying to the right is the ‘ode to Tyson’.  Even though he has been gone 5 years now, I still miss the cheeky little so and so and wish he was still with us.

I used not only silver foil, but also silver markers in this painting to do the ‘swirly’ bits.  They don’t quite show up on the photo, but when they catch the light, they look great.  The close up pic shows the left hand side better than the larger one.  This one is 24 x 36 inches.  I will eventually varnish it and put a coating over the foil as I have read that over time it will basically disintegrate? Who knew!

Ode to my three cats LP, Molly and Tyson in the style of Rosina Wachmeister
A slightly better view of the swirly bits that were done using a silver marker

So what’s next?  Well I’d really like to have a go at an acrylic painting version of this digital kitten painting I did.  I just love the colours and just happen to have a nice 24 x 24 inch canvas that would be perfect for it.

The biggest hurdle is still the lack of a dedicated ‘art’ area or even room and of course it’s the middle of winter now so by the time I get home from work it’s almost dark so there is no natural light.  Still, I can at least get the sketching part started.

Hopefully I will have an update sooner rather than later this time, but don’t hold your breath – just in case life gets in the way!

Thanks for taking a peek and hanging in there while I get myself back into the swing of things. xx

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The Mask – it’s done and dusted!

About two weeks ago I posted a pic of my ‘Mask’ painting and was thinking about what else I wanted to do with it.  Soooo –  I dragged out my craft bits and pieces that have been laying around – in some cases for several years – and went crazy sticking individual gems, tiny sequins, buttons and so on in as many places as I could.

You can see the painting before I went nuts HERE.

Once the glue had dried thoroughly I gave it a light coat of acrylic varnish which I thought would also help keep some of the bits firmly stuck down.  Well, not sure that worked, but in regards to the tiny gems, it certainly makes them more shiny when the sun hits them.  There is also quite a lot of gold paint – but again you only really see it when the sun hits it.

So without further waffle, here is the finished piece.  Sadly it’s hard to get the ‘glow’ of the stuck on pieces, so you’ll have to imagine it. HA!  The colours are also more realistic in this one than the other pics I have uploaded.  (Probably because finally today, it’s nice and light and sunny!)

The Mask
The Mask





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Finally getting somewhere with my greeting card project!

As I mentioned some days ago, I’ve decided to give Greeting Card Universe another try and finally, after getting many ‘card returned for edit’ emails (for lots of reasons), I got my first card through straight away yesterday! YAY me!

This is the card in question.  militaryretirementNow I had expected it to be rejected due to the quality of the photo (It was taken in the late 1910’s) – even though I had tweaked it a bit – so I was rather happy to see it go straight to approved.  While it looks basic – and it is – the verse inside is what connects the photo and the ‘Happy Retirement’ text.

While it is a bit frustrating to be called out on things like ‘we feel your picture is too dark, please lighten it’, or ‘please move your text‘ I guess it’s all good feedback and helps you going forward when sitting there designing something new.

With the sites new guidelines it IS very important to get it right the first time because they have set a limit on how many cards your store can have and ALL cards submitted go towards that count, even if they are declined, so you don’t really want to be submitting cards that may have any reason to be thrown out.  Definitely a learning process! Continue reading “Finally getting somewhere with my greeting card project!”

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A couple of Mixed Media exercises

I love mixed media art, and as I mentioned a while ago, I’ve been recycling some old canvas boards to use for trying out various things such as collage.  I also attempted a watercolour and ink piece yesterday, then not overly happy with the way I had painted the feathers in the hat, I stuck some on! Hey presto – mixed media right?

Ok, so we’re told we learn from our mistakes – and I think that is so true.  Many artists won’t share their ‘mistakes’ – some say it demeans their ‘good’ art work, but I think if they did share them, perhaps others who are too afraid to attempt something for fear of ridicule or harsh critiques would just ‘give it a go’.

I am far from perfect in my art – to me it’s always going to be an ongoing journey – mostly because I do enjoy trying new things.

As I said in my last post, I wanted to experiment more with watercolours.  So rather than paint a flower or a landscape, I simply picked one of the oil paintings from my Modigliani book (yes, it really is my fave art book – haha!), roughly sketched out the one I chose.  I wasn’t really interested in getting it perfect, just wanted that outline so that I could go ahead and make a mess!  I think I succeeded rather well!  Continue reading “A couple of Mixed Media exercises”

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Gone to the dogs! A new recycled canvas project.

No, don’t be alarmed, it is not me that has gone to the dogs, really!!   I just thought I would share a work in progress post today.  I’m still in the ‘recycle’ mode when it comes to my old art, and I have a small pile of acrylics that I know I can easily paint over.  I’ve never really gotten into acrylics, as my main medium for painting has always been oils.  In fact the only acrylics I ever had were very cheap ones, and after many years, they simply dried out and were binned in my last purge of old paint tubes.  What I have left now is mostly craft paints, some very good large pots of acrylic that I actually used on some old furniture many years ago, and also some half decent tubes I picked up when Michaels had a sale a couple of years ago. Continue reading “Gone to the dogs! A new recycled canvas project.”

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Another recycled piece of art – Paper Mosaic – in progress.

A while back I decided to sort through my stash of old art that was either abandoned (not many) or simply no longer appealing to me.  Most of these were projects to simply improve my oil or acrylic painting skills.  Rather than throw them out, I decided I would see if I could re-use the canvas.  One of these ideas I shared HERE – and I also have one that has been at a ‘work in progress’ stage for quite a few weeks.

The piece I am working on at the moment (kind of!)  is a canvas board, 20 x 24 inches.  I don’t even remember what was originally on the canvas – that tells you how long it’s been a work in progress!  Anyhow, as I really enjoyed making this piece shown below, I thought I would attempt another one. Continue reading “Another recycled piece of art – Paper Mosaic – in progress.”

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Live, Love, Laugh – a simple mixed media art project.

As I am still getting some bits and pieces together to really get going on my mixed media art, I thought I would try to put something together with some of the ‘stuff’ I already have.  I don’t have (yet) lots of different papers, embellishments, stamps, stencils or any of those lovely things, so I was pretty much having to do it all myself.   Nearly all of the things I used were from bits I’d picked up from the dollar store, or art store sales well over 10 years ago, or from things like old cereal packets, string, and so on.

Actually I had no idea what it was I wanted to do, so this really was a ‘test piece’ that came together over quite a few days, doing a little bit at a time. Continue reading “Live, Love, Laugh – a simple mixed media art project.”