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Half the year gone already?

Well, so much for getting back into my art work.  Half the year gone and I’ve only really painted two paintings this year so far.

While we are actively now house hunting, our rental is still dull and drab, and so I decided I wanted something big and bright to cheer it up a bit.  I’ve been a fan of Rosina Wachmeister for decades, and so decided to use one of her prints for inspiration, and also to be able to have a bit of a play with it to make it my own.

So here is the finished painting.  The three cats are actually versions of my own three – although of course Tyson is no longer with us.  So on the left is our ‘tabby Manx’ (although I’ve given her a tail in this one).  Next to her is our black and white cat Molly.  Laying to the right is the ‘ode to Tyson’.  Even though he has been gone 5 years now, I still miss the cheeky little so and so and wish he was still with us.

I used not only silver foil, but also silver markers in this painting to do the ‘swirly’ bits.  They don’t quite show up on the photo, but when they catch the light, they look great.  The close up pic shows the left hand side better than the larger one.  This one is 24 x 36 inches.  I will eventually varnish it and put a coating over the foil as I have read that over time it will basically disintegrate? Who knew!

Ode to my three cats LP, Molly and Tyson in the style of Rosina Wachmeister
A slightly better view of the swirly bits that were done using a silver marker

So what’s next?  Well I’d really like to have a go at an acrylic painting version of this digital kitten painting I did.  I just love the colours and just happen to have a nice 24 x 24 inch canvas that would be perfect for it.

The biggest hurdle is still the lack of a dedicated ‘art’ area or even room and of course it’s the middle of winter now so by the time I get home from work it’s almost dark so there is no natural light.  Still, I can at least get the sketching part started.

Hopefully I will have an update sooner rather than later this time, but don’t hold your breath – just in case life gets in the way!

Thanks for taking a peek and hanging in there while I get myself back into the swing of things. xx



Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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