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Where do the days go?

I had hoped to be posting more this year – but so far things are still pretty slow in the art department here.

The days seem to be whizzing by and before you know it, another week has gone by and I have nothing much to show for it.

I did manage to pick up some acrylic paints a week or so ago.  I had seen the Atelier Interactive paints some time ago while watching an episode of Put some

Atelier Interactive Acrylic Paints
Atelier Interactive Acrylic Paints

Colour in your life” and thought they might be good to try out.

I must say that they do indeed feel ‘buttery’ in texture, and while I like the variety of colours in the set, I would actually prefer to have a somewhat limited palette and mix my own colours – using the larger tubes of course!

The greatest thing about these acrylics is that they do not dry out as quickly as normal acrylics, and can be kept moist for blending simply by using a small fine spray of water.  There are also special retarder mediums you can buy if you wish.  I have yet to find a good art supply store here and may end up ordering my supplies on line, but for now the water does the trick.

So have I actually started anything?  Well, yes, I have started a project – although with it being summer and me being back in the work force I find my painting time is so much less now.  For the moment though, I am slowly working on a fun project piece – mostly to try out these new paints and also to once again have some original art work to hang in the house.

Here is where I am at with this particular painting.  It’s another ‘mask’ – and it’s basically at the colour blocking stage with very little detail at all. The blues will be changed to some other colour, leaving just the aqua/green colour at the top.  It looks a bit weird at the moment, but it will come together as I work on it.   Hopefully I will also get a better photo for the next update – and by then there will be a lot more to see!

Work in Progress
Work in Progress –  Acrylic on stretched canvas

One of the things I want to do with this piece is to eventually add some gold and silver paint – or even ink – which means I will have to go a huntin’!  I’ve gone from a studio/room full of supplies to no studio/room with a small limited supply of paints etcnts etc…so sad!

Anyway, updates coming as soon as there is something to share!



Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

2 thoughts on “Where do the days go?

  1. Wow! I really like your modern painting style. It seems like you are really great at people and such a dark and contrasted image. Check out my page for any suggestions,


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