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A Splash of Paint! 2 – my first E-book!

Just looking at my lack of posts this year, yet again, and thinking I really should do more!  I would, but for the last 6 months my time has been needed elsewhere and so I have had to put aside the ‘art’ and concentrate on other things.

However, over the past months I have put together a little art E-Book called “A Splash of Paint! 2”.  I had hoped it would be able to be seen on all platforms, but at this moment it is only available to those with iPads, iPhones or iReaders (although I am not sure they are that great).  It does not work on PC or Kindle unfortunately. (The format is a fixed ebook, unlike the free flow of Kindle.)

It is a collection of some newer art, some faves from my printed book I did back in 2013, and at the end a video showing a lot more work in a slide show bonus.

The cover is shown below – and here is the link to the book at my Blurb store.  I have listed it at US$1.99.  Please note that Blurb does NOT refund digital books, so PLEASE make sure you can actually view it before making a purchase.

Many thanks to those who have been with me during my artistic journey, those who let me use their photos, their music and allowed me to link back to them in the book.  We artists, no matter what genre or medium need to support each other. xxxx

A Splash of Paint! 2
A Splash of Paint! 2





Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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