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What do Cats think about?

As if you haven’t noticed, I have not been very prolific here of late.  It’s not that I don’t want to post stuff, it’s just that I am so busy elsewhere at this particular point in time.  So much going on that art has had to take quite the back seat.

However, I have managed to do another digital pic using the beautiful reference photos from June’s reference free photos – she has such wonderful photos, and not just cats!  I am, of course, quite biased in that respect.

I only have two cats now (RIP Tyson)  – both quite different breeds and as such they act very differently, yet the one thing in common they have is the ability to just stare into space for no apparent reason.   I often wonder if they are thinking about something, anything, nothing or merely just staring for some reason we humans will never understand.  While one of my cats is a run of the mill “domestic long hair” and she is typically cat-like – aloof, does her own thing, decides when she allows petting and when it is just ok with her to blob, she also has the disadvantage that we rescued her almost 10 years ago now, and she is still intimidated by certain things –  most noticeably the sound of plastic bags rustling.   Having rescued her from under a commercial dumpster in the middle of a freezing Toronto winter, I can’t blame her – who knows how she got there, or how she was treated before that.  No matter her fears, we love her.  On the other hand we have our Manx.  Miss Senior Citizen (now 15), who we rescued from the SPCA.  Well, I am not sure we rescued her as much as she just came out of the group and went ‘Hey! Take me home now!’ – she hasn’t changed much since.   She runs around like a kitten, she growls, she will stare you down until you make room for her on your lap – she’s just that kind of girl – and we love her too.  So yeah… what do they both ‘think’ about?


That is why I loved this photo that I chose to use as a reference/painting.

While I have used more or less the same ‘brushes’ on my cat paintings, I have tried out some others, which you may or may not notice in my work.  Time and time again though, I revert to those that I currently feel comfortable using.   I also like to crop photos and focus more on the face than the entire body.   While I do try to remain faithful to the actual photo, I do like to just have a bit of fun too.  In that way I get to play with the various brushes and options available on my painting software.  By the way, I am still using Corel Painter 12 – I won’t be looking at upgrading at least until late 2016 or perhaps even 2017 – again, all due to current circumstances.


So here is the painting.

catprofile copyright pic


And here is how it looks as a pillow on my Society 6 store page. I  will be uploading it to other print on demand sites very soon.  If you click on the pic below it will take you to my store page.  You don’t have to buy – but feel free to look at this one and the others.

What do Cats think? This link goes to my Society 6 store.  More options coming soon to my other stores.


Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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