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Still not much art getting done!

This past week I had hoped to get some more done on one of my acrylic paintings, but it has been such a hot and humid week and with the clouds rolling in, some days we’ve had to have the lights on in the middle of the day.  Forecasts for thunderstorms never eventuated despite what looked like looming dark clouds.  Thankfully it’s due to cool down a bit starting overnight tonight.

Meanwhile though I have been sorting through a lot of boxes we brought with us to our new home.  Mostly family bits and pieces that were left to us.  After sorting through them the first time, pieces were given to respective family members etc and the rest we kept.  That was a few years ago now and over the last year we have been slowly selling them, donating a lot to charity and generally wondering what to do with the rest.  So once again the boxes are open and decisions have to be made.   Luckily many of the nice pieces have gone to people who appreciate vintage and antique items.  The research involved is very time consuming, but very interesting to say the least!

Frank Mannox Sterling Silver Spoon from around 1910


Vintage Lace Decorated Lace Cap
Vintage Lace Decorated Lace Cap


Vintage Gold Ring

Vintage Gold Ring

The lace cap and gold ring have long gone.  The cap was bought by someone who collects vintage lace to re purpose, and the ring is now being worn by someone in the USA.  After decades in boxes, it is so nice to know that these pieces are finally being used again.

I often wonder in 50 – 100 years time, what items from 2015 will be collectible items?  Smart phones? Plastic bits n pieces made in China?  I think for the most part the times of hand made and long lasting items is perhaps one that I and many others will miss.  These may not be art, but they are creativity from a bygone era.





Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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