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For the Lions

Yes I know I haven’t posted much art lately.  I am still trying to decide how to finish off my acrylic Mask painting. I am much more at ease with oils and digital, so it’s been a bit of a mission.  It has also been extremely hot here for the last week or so and the acrylics seem to dry super fast. I will get it finished soon though!

I have also been doing a bit more family tree digging.  It’s been a decade long dig too but unfortunately no real new info has come up yet.  I have been in touch with some family members and hopefully through sharing we’ll be able to come up with a bit more information.  It’s so hard to find out anything once you hit that brick wall of ancestry research!

Meanwhile, I have gone back to digital painting, as well as putting some card designs together.  Juggling a bit, but it’s all good fun.

A really lovely lady takes some amazing photographs, and let’s artists use them royalty free for art.  I have mentioned her before.  Well she has posted some new pics and being a big fan of lions, and totally against Trophy Hunting and Canned Hunting, I felt the need to try my hand at a digital painting.  I have painted one many years ago in oils, but wasn’t overly happy with it. It is not an exact replica of her photo, so a little bit of artistic licence has been used.

So here it is.  I spent MANY hours doing this, let alone all the layers for every bit of fur etc.  It was painted in Corel Painter 12 using airbrushes, oil brushes, splatter brushes and so on.  I am still learning when it comes to animal fur so if it’s not the greatest just put it down to a big learning curve!

Hope you enjoy!  (You can click on the pic to get a bigger view by the way.)

lions, trophy hunting, canned hunting, cecil, wildlife
For the Lions


Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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