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I have some new Acrylic paints coming!

Generally for the last several years I have been really into digital painting. When not doing that, my real love has always been using oils.  Specifically Winsor and Newton brand – but I haven’t really done any oil painting in a long time.

In the last little while though, I have been playing around with some acrylic paints that I’ve had for years.  They are not even close to being artist grade, although I do have a gold and silver ‘Liquitex’ brand for special occasions … haha!  For the most part they are student grade or worse.

Knowing my Winsor and Newton Oils are lovely to work with, I thought it might be good to see if they had a decently priced acrylic set and so I bought these.  Winsor and Newton Galeria Acrylics.

Winsor and Newton – Galeria Acrylic Set

I decided on the 6 tube set (well, it was on sale!), and if you know how to mix colours, you can do quite well with a limited palette.  I do also have a tube of Titanium White (Artist grade), so once they arrive I will be all set.  I bought them through Amazon too as I had some gift vouchers to use.  So all up this set cost me $10.52 (including shipping and taxes).

If you look anywhere, 60 ml tubes aren’t exactly cheap – well not here in Canada anyway, and even single tubes on Amazon Canada can cost up to $5 – $8 a tube, plus tax of course!

The reviews for this set was good too, so I am looking forward to getting stuck in next weekend, or sooner seeing that the last thing I ordered arrived here two days after my order was placed.

I’ve also had some of my brushes soaking in olive oil for the last few days as I’d heard this leaves them really soft and I must admit they definitely are now!  My brush collection isn’t massive, but I have about 40 or so – covering all mediums, but my oil brushes are also from the Winsor and Newton range.  I haven’t bought new brushes in years, so I am hoping my collection of about 14 of this brand will do a good job.  Some of them are a little bit worn out, but time will tell!.

Luckily I managed to pick up some various sizes of canvas board, and stretched canvas well over a year ago now when my fave store back in Toronto was having a massive sale, so there are no excuses are there? Mind you, I haven’t ever really tried ‘seriously’ painting with acrylics, preferring the slow drying oils (I tend to blend a lot when I paint), so I have a couple of days to pick a subject – and I’ve got a feeling it might be an animal!

There are a couple of ‘copies’ I have done in the past in acrylics, and I have to say my favourite one is a copy of a self-portrait by an iconic Canadian called Mendelson Joe.  My husband likes not only his art, but his singing/songwriting for which he is well known.

My version of 'Mendelson Joe'. (Not for sale of course!)
My version of ‘Mendelson Joe’. (Not for sale of course!)

Now my version of his self-portrait was a little limited colour wise as I didn’t have many paints at that time.  (We’re talking 2012).  It’s not exact either, but that was the point – I wasn’t out to copy him exactly, but just ‘have a go’.  It was done simply to hang on the wall – and that’s where it’s been ever since I did it.

It’s a 16 x 20 inch on stretched canvas.

It was an interesting experiment for sure – and my background is nothing like the original as I had a lot of black paint on hand!

So, hopefully this will be the kick-start I need to get back into my traditional painting.  I will take some work in progress photos and then upload them all when ‘whatever’ it is I am going to paint is finished!

If anyone has acrylic painting tips, feel free to let me know.



Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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