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For digital scrapbookers, card makers, web designers etc …

I’m a little busy at the moment making the most of my ’30 day window’ for my Greeting Cards – once this period is up my card reviews simply join the general queue and these can take a few weeks to be reviewed depending on how many they are having submitted. That’s mostly why you haven’t seen much ‘new art’ from me for the last little while.  Of course I am also working on my other sites – admin, admin, admin!!

Meanwhile, for anyone doing digital scrapbooking, or actually any general digital designing for the web – I was pointed in the direction of this website. Star Sunflower Studio.

Star Sunflower Studio
Star Sunflower Studio

Not only do they offer design services, they also sell kits and have a huge amount of free stuff!  Everyone loves free stuff, right?  You can also buy their kits through their ETSY store.

A lot of their freebies are available to use commercially.  The general rule of thumb with these is that you can use the elements etc to make your own items for sale.  It always pays to read their terms of use as with any company or person offering ‘free’ things.

I have downloaded one pack so far, but I will be taking a look at backgrounds and perhaps some frames that I’d like to use.  Just as an example – this link takes you to just one set of their commercial use freebies.  If you are fairly savvy with your software you can really get into making them look quite different, and personal.

Beautiful Vintage Tags – free – and OK for commercial use

One of the elements in the pack I downloaded is this cute collection of vintage tags. They come as a PNG file at 300 dpi which is great for resizing and not losing the quality.

I do have at least one card idea in mind using some nice vintage pieces from this pack, maybe I will post it here when it is actually done.  It does take quite some time to put a card together, make sure you’ve got everything perfect, plenty of tags and descriptions etc.  Slowly but surely though my little shop is growing.

Happy designing!



Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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