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Finally getting somewhere with my greeting card project!

As I mentioned some days ago, I’ve decided to give Greeting Card Universe another try and finally, after getting many ‘card returned for edit’ emails (for lots of reasons), I got my first card through straight away yesterday! YAY me!

This is the card in question.  militaryretirementNow I had expected it to be rejected due to the quality of the photo (It was taken in the late 1910’s) – even though I had tweaked it a bit – so I was rather happy to see it go straight to approved.  While it looks basic – and it is – the verse inside is what connects the photo and the ‘Happy Retirement’ text.

While it is a bit frustrating to be called out on things like ‘we feel your picture is too dark, please lighten it’, or ‘please move your text‘ I guess it’s all good feedback and helps you going forward when sitting there designing something new.

With the sites new guidelines it IS very important to get it right the first time because they have set a limit on how many cards your store can have and ALL cards submitted go towards that count, even if they are declined, so you don’t really want to be submitting cards that may have any reason to be thrown out.  Definitely a learning process!

One of the things I have been doing this past week is utilising some ‘commercial’ digital kits I have purchased in the past, my own Serif Draw Plus software, and a couple of online sites that offer clip art or other elements than can also be used commercially – all as long as you create something ‘original’ with them, and not try to sell those items yourself. (No brainer).  I also of course have my Corel Painter 12 Software to whip up some bits and pieces as well.

One thing I did find out about GCU is that when you sign up for a store to sell your cards, you are given 30 days ‘fast track’ to reviewers.  This means your cards come back pretty quickly as a yes or no – mine have taken about half a day to a day so far, and some of the reviewers not only give you some good ideas, but some even tell you how much they like your cards.  Nice to get some positive feed back as well as the critique I think.

Another option available is to design custom cards for people.  So say you wanted a personal family Christmas Card, then you can get an artist to do it for you – and then you purchase the card(s) via the store.  I’m definitely going to be doing that.  I really enjoy creating things for people as well as the general public.

Anyway, here is the link to my store – I have a bit of everything in there at the moment, including some old cards I still quite liked – feel free to check it out, and if you want something designed, contact me. While there is no charge for designing, and the only payment I will receive is a small commission on the card – or cards – sold you will understand that the only ‘rule’ as such is that you purchase your cards through Greeting Card Universe.  Win/win situation, right?

Nice to see I am the newest artist on their new artists page!  (You just click my name link to go to my wee store

Sally Rowland Art – Greeting Card Universe Artist

Greeting Card Universe - new card
Greeting Card Universe – new card


Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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