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I rarely buy ‘art’ books … but!

I have very few instructional art books as with the internet it is so easy to dig around for tutorials.  I do have a small collection of oil and watercolour books, and  a stack of magazines going back to the 1990s that my late Mother in Law had. Having said that, I DO actually love books, but where do you stop?

However, these past few weeks I have been watching a lot of mixed media videos and one artist I really enjoyed watching is a lady from Australia called Jane Davenport.  She does the most beautiful ‘faces’.  (As well as a lot of other artistic things).  I’ve always liked faces, and perhaps that’s why I am such a big Modigliani fan – his faces, though pretty strange-looking at times, always got me wondering who were these people in real life, and why did he paint them the way he did.

Now more often than not, it can be quite expensive to buy books (new) online here in Canada, due to the cost of shipping, but often Amazon do a free shipping deal if you spend over $25.  I decided to take a look and see if her book was available (it’s even more expensive to buy direct and have it shipped from Australia!).  Luckily it was on sale – but under $25, so knowing I was in dire need of some fine graphic markers, I finally found a set that were not only a good price, but would get me to the $25 needed to get free shipping.

Even with free shipping, the book and pens arrived in two days!  Can’t beat that for efficiency can you? (In contrast, my Dad sent me a family DVD from New Zealand, and even air-mail, it took 38 days to get here!)

While this book actually goes with a mixed media workshop it is still very helpful in respect to getting your proportions correct, a ‘how to’ on drawing eyes, noses, mouths etc, and lots of great ideas for materials to use – most of which of course I do not have at this point!  There are also techniques shown, although not in major detail, but enough to get the idea if you aren’t actually doing the workshop.

I think the thing for me is that she loves vibrant colours – and that is something that always catches my eye.  So if you are into painting, sketching, journalling or any kind of art and you like ‘faces’ too, this book is ideal.  If you could get on a workshop, I would imagine that would be absolutely amazing. (If you are in Australia, just check her website out for info).  I love watching artists work and I am definitely in the ‘just give it a go’ camp!  It doesn’t matter whether your work is fabulous, just that you try, and the more you do something the better you will get at it.

Below are just some random paintings of hers I chose from google.  I love the little “Kahlo” painting.Davenport



Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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