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Teaching yourself Watercolour Painting isn’t that easy…..ha!

Quite some time ago I said I was going to get into watercolour painting as I had a load of supplies from my late Mother in Law.

She was quite the secret artist really, and on her passing, we found a huge bag full of projects, finished pieces, practice pieces etc going back a few decades.  She and I discussed watercolours at one stage, and I always remember her telling me that when she was learning, her teacher kept saying to her ‘water, Patricia, more water!!!’.

So today being a hot and humid one, it called for very little exertion, so I decided to check out YouTube to see what I could find in the way of tutorials and have watched rather a lot!   I have also taken some of her pieces (not her best ones) and in a posthumous collaboration, I am using those to ‘test’ on.

Just ONE stack of my late Mother In Law's watercolours!
Just ONE stack of my late Mother In Law’s watercolours!

I have to admit to knowing very little about the techniques, but as I’ve always been a ‘try it out’ kind of learner, I thought this would be fun, and thanks to my MIL, I have lots of paper, brushes, tubes of watercolour and her own little palette (shown in the pic above).

One such channel I found is called Art Tutor – there are several tutorials there on watercolours as well as drawing, oils, pastels, coloured pencils etc, so it’s quite useful.

You can find them here if you are at all interested in ‘art’.  They also have an offer of a free download reference e-book, which I took advantage of.  Even if you only choose one subject, you still get links to all the other art mediums as well.  I do have a ton of books also that my MIL had, and have, in the past tried out a couple of the exercises and it still fascinates me how amazing some watercolour paintings turn out. (Not yet my own I might add!).

I have a very long way to go but hey, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

As you know, when you start watching videos, you get all kinds of ‘suggestions’ popping up and the one I just watched is called “Greatest Watercolour Show in the World – The Three Amigos”.  Basically it ‘looks’ like three bikers getting together to create a massive painting.  I really enjoyed it as several of the guys are Australians, and you gotta love that accent!  How cool would it be to be taught by one of them!

Do check it out – the final painting is just amazing, and I am in awe!

I am quite excited about trying out some of these techniques and I am sure some time this year I will post something worthy!!!



Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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