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Now it’s vintage postcard sets and digital collage!

I have always loved postcards.  I collected them for years but sadly with all the moves, many got thrown away.  I do still have a small collection going as far back as the early 80’s, but with the advent of digital cameras, smart phones etc, there is very little need to ‘send a postcard’ unless someone actually collects them.

I do still however love vintage postcards, and I was delighted when we first started sorting out my husband’s family things back in 2008 to find a big stash of them, ranging from around 1918 to about 1946.  Most of them were sent by ‘Great Grandad Doyle’, with a few others from friends of the family.  They definitely got put aside by me as a keeper!

What to do with them though?  I know when you do a bit of googling, you can find all kinds of vintage cards, so it’s been a bit of fun seeing if I can actually find any of those I have.  I have found a couple, but I’m  not surprised as the bulk of our collection is from the 1920’s which makes them 90 years or more old. A lot of them are in pristine condition too – which again is amazing as they were never kept as collectibles, simply just keepsakes.

I went through them and thought that some were so pretty, I could do something similar with them that I did with the family photos, so, I did!  You can click on the pics to see the full version.Card3 This one is from my set of 5 ‘birthday postcards’.  They were sent to “Molly” in 1922. (Molly being my husbands Great Aunt). I scanned them as is – not wanting to take away any of the condition, because that is the appeal of ‘vintage’ – to know it’s been loved and  used.  I know these won’t appeal to everyone, but I just so happen to love all things vintage that I thought, why not!

The other set (well, I call them sets) that I really liked were some lovely landscapes. The nice thing about these is that they are printed on embossed card which gives you the impression of ‘oil on canvas’. Again, these are from the 1920’s.  While I was trying to find out more about them, I did come across a lot of E-bay pages selling them individually from around $1.50 to $6.00 citing them as ‘rare’.  Well, in some instances some of them are – as with anything vintage that is easily tossed aside.

Anyway, getting back to this other set.  These were sent to the other Great Aunt, this time Kathleen, when she was working in various Hotels in the south of England. They were sent from Scotland, so I assume her brother Claude was stationed there at the time.  (He got around, I tell ya!).


With this group, I left the cards free of any overlays but I did add a PNG file of one of the stamps and marks from the back and left enough room for other things to be added.

I think they would make nice little layouts for journals, scrapbooks (be they physical or digital).

With both sets, they are saved at 300 dpi, which means they will retain their detail even when resized much larger, although you wouldn’t want to go crazy!  For me personally, I find that going double the size usually gets the best results.  Of course they can also be resized smaller!  Ahh you have to love the collaboration of vintage postcards and modern technology!

If you want to see the rest of the birthday Cards and Landscapes, please feel free to do so by clicking here.  It takes you to my ETSY store, but there is no ‘push’ to purchase, I just didn’t want to upload all of them here.

I only have one other ‘set’ I want to put together and do something with, and those are vintage Japanese cards. I might have to take a look at some vintage Japanese art to get an idea of possible backgrounds – more fun!

Anyway, if you did pop over to see the rest of them, I hope you enjoyed them.



Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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