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Fun with a pile of vintage family photos.

While I’m sitting and waiting for a decent sale at our local art store (I need some supplies for three unfinished projects) – I thought I would dig through some of our old – and vintage – family photos, and instead of uploading them to say Zazzle or Cafe Press to sell as cards, I thought I would start putting some photos and digital backgrounds together to sell as sets in my ETSY store.

I basically combined the photographs, some backgrounds and text from Corel Painter 12, and also some embellishments from the Craft Artist range to add a little interest, while still leaving room for others to add more or put some text in – depending on what they would be used for.

The embellishment question had me going through every single Craft Artist ‘kit’ I had purchased, or was free, and I have 50 of them currently – to make sure anything I used was licensed for commercial use.  I ended up with 14 kits I could use in a digital format, and the remainder CAN be used if you sell your creations as a physical item, and sell less than 200.  I figure that’s a fair deal.   As you can imagine though, the ones you can use aren’t exactly fabulous, but as I only wanted them for a bit of decoration I figured they would be fine.

I’m hoping to try doing some original ’embellishment designs’ at some stage, but one step at a time! I’ve got to look into how to get them designed and uploaded as a Portable Network Graphic (PNG) so that only the design itself shows up, and not the full background.  I see some googling coming on soon!  I love learning new things.

So here are a couple of them.   One ‘listing’ completed, maybe a few more hundred to work on and get uploaded eh?  Busy days ahead indeed.

Sisters                          Mother

Oh, and if you’ve noticed – I have a new layout.  Not quite by choice.  I was browsing through the templates this morning and found they had 191 free templates you could use.  Now when I first started working on this blog page, I only thought there were  a dozen or so.  So this morning, sipping coffee and browsing, I accidentally clicked ‘save’ and ‘poof’ my old layout was replaced.  I decided to take another look and found one a little more to my liking and decided to go with it.   Maybe next year I will look at purchasing one that has more options, but for now, this will do.



Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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