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When you see something (or someone) you really want to paint…

On my never ending art journey, I always see pics I would love to have a go at painting digitally. Many of them over the years have been my lovely Facebook friends. These are the people I have never met in real life, not my old pals who now live all over the planet.

I am quite the stealth artist .. I usually get their photo and paint merrily away, then send them a copy – never posting it without their permission. For me, that’s a most important part of sharing some of my pieces – not the stealth part… ha… but the permission.

In creative circles, I’ve always seen it said that you should LOVE what you do. Well, I love to paint lots of things, but for practice, it’s definitely people. I often get it wrong, and that’s ok. If I didn’t, then I would never learn. The other thing I have been told is that my paintings always make the person look ‘younger’. Well, the idea I have is not to produce a realistic painting. If you want warts and all, then simply take a photo! I really don’t want to spend hours trying to paint wrinkles, warts, blotchy skin etc. But I DO try and at least have the painting look like the person.

Anyway, enough waffle – I just wanted to share one I did recently of a lovely lady – a friend on Facebook for many years, and who I actually got to meet in person a few months ago. I know this post will appear on my FB art page, and many of you will know her. Just let me tell you that even if I have made her ‘look’ younger, it’s because that is how I now see her, having met her. The inner beauty of people certainly shows through.

Again, I was playing about with all kinds of brushes, (and yes, I still used that darned blending thing I am trying to refrain from using). The big experiment for me lately has been using the bigger and weirder brushes that leave marks and so on.  Still, I  finished the pic and then BAM! She got her hair cut! So I simply put a bit of a vignette around her head to hide that fact.. ha!


My lovely friend.. all funky like!
My lovely friend.. all funky like!


Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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