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Just a little Pug

I know many artists find their ‘style’ and ‘niche’ very early on, and I often wish I could do the same, but the problem is, I like to try everything!  Probably because I really didn’t start taking painting etc seriously until I moved to Canada – and even then it was just for fun at the start – getting back into being creative and so on.

Well, now I’m almost done setting up my ‘art shop’, (ETSY), my blog here is coming along (first time using WordPress, so still finding my way around), and my YouTube channel is also making progress, although I am still working on a couple of videos to put up – hopefully I will be all sorted by the end of the weekend as that was my plan.  Having said that, who knows… ha!  It’s been such a lovely day and it looks like the weekend may well be the same, so it might actually be that I am out in the garden as it really does need some attention.

Anyway, part of my plans involve offering custom pet portraits.  Now while these take me quite a while to produce, I also wanted to look into at least trying some different brushes with my software, which I mentioned before.  The itch to ‘blend, blend, blend’ doesn’t have to go…but I would like to experiment more.  I’ve been working on several paintings – more for myself than anything else and although I admit I HAVE used my oil blender, for the most part, I’ve tried to stick to oil bristle brushes – although some of the ‘looks’ are not my cup of tea, so I’ve narrowed it down even more.

This painting was done using a couple of smaller oil bristle brushes, two airbrushes, an oil detail brush and LOTS of layers, let alone lots of using different layer attributes such as ‘screen, overlay, multiply, colourise and the normal’ one.  It’s always an ongoing journey for me, and I think that when I finally (if ever) master Corel Painter 12, they’ll have already released Painter 2025 😉

I just took a pic from google, so i don’t know who it belongs to, but as it is merely an exercise, there are  no plans to ‘sell’ it or anything like that.  So I’ll call it “Baby Pug Study”.  Hope you like it!


Study - Pug Puppy
Study – Pug Puppy

I have included a close up of one part where you can see the various results from the brushes I used.  I find the ‘tiny spattery airbrush’ really cool for giving a bit of texture without me having to sit here for hours on end, painting in ‘fur’.  This works best on short fur, rather than the long flowing fur.    Oh, the flowers in the background are just from the ‘nozzle pattern pen’ and then slightly blurred and turned into a ‘screen’ so that the underlying colours are still somewhat visible.

Close up of one eye, showing some detail
Close up of one eye, showing some detail



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Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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