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I’m a little teapot!

After spending the last few years doing digital art, I felt the time had come to start getting messy again!  So along with my mixed media, I decided to start a fun project – but something small that wouldn’t take too long.

My idea?  A small container for my teabags!  My hubby doesn’t drink tea, and I must admit I’ve only started drinking it again after spending time with my Dad down in NZ.

First thing I had to do was find something I could turn into a container.  Hey presto – an empty Cashew can. After a little while of thinking what to do with it, I decided on my own papier mache ‘teapot’.

I decided not to use the plastic lid, but instead use it as a template to get the right size for my teapot lid.  Then I had to attach a handle and spout.  I used an old cornflake packet, cardboard and an empty toilet roll to make the parts.

Tea pot and lid start to take shape.

It’s been a while since I worked on my tea-pot, but it’s now all finished and ready to load up with tea bags.  So here’s a few pics of the various stages.

Layer of paper after handle made smaller
Layer of paper after handle made smaller
      I made the handle much smaller, gave the spout a little lip, and added my first layer of paper.  I let that dry and added another layer just to give it some substance.  Once that was dried, I simply painted the entire thing with some Gesso.  It sat like that for some weeks as I had not really come up with a concrete plan on how I was going to decorate it.    My other little problem was that my lid kind of got a bit out of shape.  I did think about trying to add extra bits to it to balance it out, but in the end figured I’d just let it be.
I was sitting here looking at one of the Rosina Wachtmeister paintings I have on my wall and thought, now there’s an idea! I have always loved her work and I have painted several of my own versions of her paintings that now hang in my home.  Now my kitchen is mostly white and grey, with the floor having some ‘blue’ in it, so I decided to paint the pot a nice blue, then I just freehand painted some cats in the style of Rosina using Gesso.
First couple of layers of paint and outline of art
First couple of layers of paint and outline of art
 Now I didn’t get this pot all nice and smooth as I really like the rough look, so actually painting all the cats and bits was quite a job!    But eventually it was done.  I did mix in some ‘gold’ shimmery paint into some of the colours which you probably won’t  notice in the next lot of photos, but you can definitely see it when the light hits it.  After I was done painting, I used a big sharpie pen to outline everything.  Sadly the thin pen ran out of ink, so there are parts that look a bit strange.  (Made a note to get a new sharpie!).   Once the painting and outlines were done I let it dry out for a couple of hours and then liberally applied some Acrylic varnish all over to give it that glossy look and of course some protection from accidental watery splashes.
One side of the pot
One side of the pot
The other side!
The other side!
From above
From above
It holds about  20 tea bags!
It holds about 20 tea bags!

So there you have it.  One recycled cashew can.  A fun little project to pass the time as we await spring – yes I know it’s almost May, but seriously, it’s been feeling more like late autumn than spring around here.    Oh, and did I mention I have another little can to play with?  Hmmm…. thinking cap on!



Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

11 thoughts on “I’m a little teapot!

    1. I’ve always loved having a go at it – must admit I probably last did it at school too. I think I’d have to refine my plan to sell them, but a good idea! I want to try something else out with papier mache involving an old canvas board I was going to throw out. No doubt I’ll blog about that adventure when it’s done 😉


  1. Thats great Sal, I love the cats and you captured the artists style perfectly! I love it when you can use items you make. Excellent idea to use a gloss finish to replicate fired pottery. Liz x


    1. I love Rosina Wachtmeister – have several ‘copies’ hanging in the house. One of the reasons I varnished it was because it’s sitting next to the kettle – all that steam! It looks a bit lonely, so I might have to do something with the other can I have 🙂


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