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Another recycled piece of art – Paper Mosaic – in progress.

A while back I decided to sort through my stash of old art that was either abandoned (not many) or simply no longer appealing to me.  Most of these were projects to simply improve my oil or acrylic painting skills.  Rather than throw them out, I decided I would see if I could re-use the canvas.  One of these ideas I shared HERE – and I also have one that has been at a ‘work in progress’ stage for quite a few weeks.

The piece I am working on at the moment (kind of!)  is a canvas board, 20 x 24 inches.  I don’t even remember what was originally on the canvas – that tells you how long it’s been a work in progress!  Anyhow, as I really enjoyed making this piece shown below, I thought I would attempt another one.

Paper Mosaic mixed media canvas board.
Paper Mosaic mixed media canvas board.

The one shown here is  a 14 x 18 inch canvas board.  My inspiration for this was a photo I came across of the UK model  “Twiggy”. All I did was roughly sketch out the face and then got a huge pile of papers and light card I had in my stash and cut them into small pieces.

Every little piece of paper was glued down one by one and the only thing I painted was the background which was originally the same colour as the face, so I did a light wash with my acrylic ‘Cerulean Blue’.  (One of my fave colours).  Just for fun I added some embellishments for the earrings, and a few snippets elsewhere.  What you can’t really see from this photo is that the ‘papers’ I used all had flecks of gold or silver in them, so the whole canvas sparkles quite nicely.

Anyway, getting back to this ongoing ‘paper mosaic’ I have been working on – I decided to do the same sort of thing.  I got as far as her face, hat, body and partially did some background work.  Then I kind of lost interest in it.  I think the reason for me was that I had picked the wrong colour scheme (red and black) and I just found it way too dark.

So, rather than abandon it once again to the dark depths of the cupboard, I decided to more or less re-do the whole thing, and to start off, I painted a good thick coat of Gesso over everything except the face and neck.  I then used my “Gelli Plate” to make some paper prints to use for the background.  I seem to have again gone for the Cerulean Blue, but this time I added some gold and white.  I used both ordinary paper, and some slightly thicker scraps to print on and then once it was all dry I sat and ripped it up into smaller pieces.   That sorted out the background!  My next step was to do ‘something’ with her outfit – which is really the last big step.  Just to get started, I added some ‘texture paste’ for … well … texture!  I then also cut up some old paper doilies and glued those onto the brim of her hat as up to that point the brim was merely painted white.

It is now done and dried out  so I am basically just sitting and pondering exactly what I want to do in terms of colour, extra texture or whatever for her blouse/coat and hat.

Below is the current state of this ongoing project.  Yes, it’s still very ‘white’ but at least it’s not black and red any longer!

If you have any ideas or suggestions for colours – feel free to leave a comment.  Sometimes seeing things through others’ eyes can snap you out of that ‘ooooh, I just don’t know’ phase.

Stalled Work in Progress - paper mosaic project
Stalled Work in Progress – paper mosaic project – April 2015


Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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