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Live, Love, Laugh – a simple mixed media art project.

As I am still getting some bits and pieces together to really get going on my mixed media art, I thought I would try to put something together with some of the ‘stuff’ I already have.  I don’t have (yet) lots of different papers, embellishments, stamps, stencils or any of those lovely things, so I was pretty much having to do it all myself.   Nearly all of the things I used were from bits I’d picked up from the dollar store, or art store sales well over 10 years ago, or from things like old cereal packets, string, and so on.

Actually I had no idea what it was I wanted to do, so this really was a ‘test piece’ that came together over quite a few days, doing a little bit at a time.

Firstly I painted my canvas with a mix of purple and white acrylic paint.  I then went over that with a darker purple, sponging it on with a bit of sponge I found lurking in one of my boxes. I then attached the ribbon along the left – it was a leftover piece that I had cut up at some stage and never used.

The next part was of course producing the ‘girl’.  This was merely a whimsy piece, so I drew a rough sketch on a piece of watercolour paper and painted her in colours to match my overall theme which seemed to have turned into purples and blues.  I then outlined with a black marker and cut her out.  I added a couple of embellishments to get a little more sparkle.  Now originally her hair was a few different shades of brown, but as I wanted to keep that same colour theme, I ended up painting over all of that with a very bright blue.  I quite liked how some of the brown still showed through.

My ‘string’ is simply household string dyed blue in a small pot of watered down paint. (I used watercolour and acrylic mixed together to get the shade I wanted).  I let them dry out over the sink in the basement.

To make the heart ‘balloons’ and the ‘live, love, laugh tags’  I simply cut out a few heart shapes from some stiff card, did the same thing but smaller with some card from the old cereal packet and then yet another set from some of that kids foam you can buy relatively cheaply – again I’ve had most of this lying around for ages.

I painted the hearts with cheap watercolour paint using lots of water.  I then added a bit of interest with my watercolour pencils and played about with wetting that with a clean brush to see what happened.  I made a little shadow edge on each, outlined them with a black marker and attached a little glass embellishment on each.

The word tags were definitely a bit of messing about.  I wrote the words on some card and then thought about painting them gold around the edges of the words.  That looked ok, but it needed something else, so I painstakingly glues really small glass dots to each word. They are quite dark, but when the light hits them, they do sparkle nicely.

With both hearts and tags I simply glued the layers together and once the string was dry on the canvas, I placed and added them with the other hearts being from my little stash – glued here and there for interest.

So, here is the finished piece. (11 x 14 inches).  Hope you like it – I had fun! I’ll be hanging this by my computer desk and simply enjoying the sentiment.

mixed media purple blue art



Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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