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Hey, hey it’s ‘Bonzo’!

Back in my younger days *cough cough* before the internet and digital cameras, I would always collect postcards while on my travels.  While I still have a few left, many have gone by the wayside as over the years I have moved many times (domestically and internationally), and had to downsize a lot.

I still love postcards though, especially vintage ones.  I was happy to find, among all the other things we have taken out of boxes,  a set of 8 George E Stubby “Bonzo” puppy postcards that were sent to “Kit Doyle” from her brother Claude. (My husband’s Grandfather).  Claude was in the Navy so was stationed in many places, and we have a huge pile of cards he sent to his sister during that time.

George Ernest Studdy (Davenport, 23 June 1878 – 25 July 1948) was a British commercial artist. He is best remembered for his creation of Bonzo the dog, a fictional character in the early 1920s that first appeared in The Sketch Magazine.

As an artist, if I could, I really would display all the ‘art’ I love, have and created myself, but there comes a point when you simply have to let things go and perhaps let someone else enjoy them.

This has been the case with the postcards.  They are adorable, yet have been in a box for a very long time. They were sent through the mail  in 1923 – some 91 years ago, yet are still in very good condition.

I often wonder, in this digital age, if there will be anything like this in a 100 years time for people to actually hold in their hands?  Would an email be as interesting as a 90 year old handwritten letter?  Will our current technology change so much that in time we will not be able to access our older ‘digital photo’s’?  (Think Polaroids, Cassette tapes, VCR tapes, Kodak film etc….)
I think for me, that is why I love the physical side of vintage and antique items such as cards, letters and so on. You get more of a sense of who owned them, their handwriting, the way they used ‘words’ and so on.
I wonder if George Studdy ever thought that 60 plus years after his death, his ‘Bonzo’ would still be around.
I would hope so.
So on that note, I currently have them up for sale on my Etsy Store.  I know that there are lots being sold for around $12 US EACH on Ebay, so I hope that our little set goes to a collector or just someone who appreciates vintage art, and perhaps puppies!
You can see the set   HERE    WOOF!




Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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