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I’ve gone "Vintage and Antique" crazy!

We recently decided it was time to sort out a pile of family items that we have had boxed up for the last 6 years.  Much of it was already in boxes that had not seen the light of day for at least 30 or so years prior to that.

It is such a difficult task of choosing which items to keep, so for us it came down to things that were personal to our family and that had a definite connection and meaning to us.  While it would be nice to hold onto everything – even if for purely sentimental reasons – we felt that perhaps someone else could appreciate the things we set aside, rather than have them put back into boxes and simply never being enjoyed.

Great Grandfather Richard (1869 – 1947) for instance, was in the Royal Artillery for many years, retiring as a Company Sargent Major.  We have this beautiful door plaque that is now hanging as a piece of art, rather than being left in a box.

We’re slowly working through these pieces with the intention of selling them online at a fair price.  A kind of online yard sale if you will. I’ve begun a ‘website’ to showcase them, and once all sold, then the website simply disappears.  Once it’s up and running I will post a blog and link to it here.  The things we have are from several generations, so dating them has become the main task.  After going crazy with an el cheapo magnifying glass, we finally decided we’d need to get a proper jewelers loupe as some of the marks are so tiny!  While waiting for the loupes to arrive, I thought I’d make use of some of the photographs we’ve taken and put them onto cards for my Zazzle store.  I have to say that researching all of these items has been a huge amount of fun as well as terribly frustrating at times, so taking a break to make the cards has been a good thing!

Here is just one example:

Vintage Italian Brooch Mother's Day Card
I’ve put a few up there for Mother’s Day, thought it might make a change from flowers!  I am uploading more today and in the next few days so if you’re at a loose end for something a little different for a Mother’s Day card, feel free to take a peek!


Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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