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A Diva who really wasn’t.

After painting two out of three dogs belonging to my old friend back in New Zealand, I figured I had to complete the family so to speak, so decided to have a go at painting “Diva”.

Sadly Diva is no longer with us – but she was much loved and of course still missed, as are all our little furry family members who have long gone, or passed more recently.  For myself, I am still missing my cat Tyson, who declined in health over several years and the worst thing in the world is having to make the decision to let them go and be free of pain.  I still haven’t really attempted a tribute painting to him yet because every time I start looking at photos I get all teary eyed.

Anyway, back to the lovely Diva.  I took one of the photos Debs had sent several years ago and while the photo was taken of Diva sitting in their car, I thought I would have a play around with doing something different with the background.

I used, yet again, dozens and dozens of layers, airbrushes, FX brushes and various layer styles.  It’s an ongoing thing with me to simply try new ways of painting as in the past, as an oil painter, I’ve had a distinct way of painting, and that is still pretty much how I paint digitally as well.  I guess you stick to what works for you eh?

So here without further ado is “Diva”.

For those that use Painter 12 – here are some of the other brushes used:
Detail Oil – this is the main one I use for painting.
FX – Furry brush
Airbrushes – digital airbrush, pepper spray, fine spray
FX – Glow brush, Distorto
Nozzle brushes – decorative spatter, furry trees, passionflower flowers
Blenders – detail blender and blur
Most of the FX and Airbrushes I use to create layers of texture, although once again in this painting I did do a lot of individual fur strokes too.
The ‘gates’ in the background are from my Craft Artist software.  (these can be used for personal and commercial purposes, which is great!).


Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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