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Yannaki Arrizza has a debut CD release!

Well it doesn’t seem like almost a year ago I painted a portrait of my friend Yannaki! Where has the time gone?
Not long after I finally purchased Corel Painter 12, I wanted to get a few victims, I mean friends, to let me loose on some of their photos.
One of them was Yannaki.  So firstly, because this is my art blog, here is the painting I did. 
Yannaki – digital painting 2013

So who is Yannaki?  Well you can probably tell straight away that he is a guitarist, right?

From his own website ~ Under the stage/artist name “Arrizza” – Yannaki is a self-taught Latin/New-Age guitarist and aspiring recording artist based in the Long Island, NY area, primarily performing within the Nouveau Flamenco genre. His music can be described as a fusion of the spicy sounds of the Caribbean and Latin-America along with the traditions of Southern Spain, also incorporating flamenco and Mediterranean rhythms mellowed out by a cool New-Age flair.

You can read more here at Guitarra Arriza’s website.

I finally purchased my copy of Yannaki’s debut CD “Arrizza” and I can say that it’s just fabulous.  I love to listen to music when I am painting – especially instrumental – and this one is just perfect.  You can listen to his music here – check him out.  Let’s support our independent musicians – even if it is only to view a music video or leave a comment somewhere.  This is not a blog asking you to buy his CD, although of course if like me, you love it, why not!

Well done Yannaki, and I for one look forward to seeing your career go up into the stratosphere!

CD Baby – my music store of choice.


Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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