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Another Marilyn Monroe – and the big learning curve!

I first started dabbling with digital painting back in 2009 when I found a ‘brush’ on my photo software.
I then decided to try painting a few things – and Marilyn Monroe was one of them.  She fascinates me more from a ‘life’ story than her onscreen or public persona.

Anyway.. here is the first one I did using Corel Paintshop Pro X4  – I used ONE brush and messed about all the time.  (As you can see it took me a few years to find that I could attempt digital painting – this one is from 2011.  I had no idea how to ‘do’ digital painting in reality.. just winged it for the most part.

In 2012 I finally purchased Corel Painter 12 – with hundreds of brushes and so many bells and whistles that even today, in 2014 there are still so many I have not yet explored.  So my first ‘other’ portrait of Marilyn was this one below.   I found that I could paint exactly the way I do in oils – I seem to be a huge ‘blender’!  But still I was limiting myself to the way I did it back in the Paintshop software – in other words, just using a brush or two… ha!

And now we have this one, 2014.  I chose a black and white reference photo to see if I could do it justice in colour.  (Again using Corel Painter 12).  I used a few more brushes, but for some reason “I” felt like it got over painted, and for my eye…it just didn’t show what I wanted to paint.  Not sure if that was from Marilyn overload, or just that my heart wasn’t really in it all that much.

I was once told that I needed to just say ìt is done`.  I have to agree, and it is a great lesson to learn.
You always think you can do better, but what IS better – that is the question.

I know a lot of ‘art sites’ tell you that you should NEVER share paintings that you don’t like, or are not perfect.  Why not?  To me it shows that you are always learning, evolving and not just sitting back and saying .. well, this is as good as it gets…, it also tells people you too are just the average person who loves what they do and are forever trying to improve.  Is that not a good trait, or are we always meant to be just amazing?

For sure we can’t ever really say what actually ‘is’ perfection.  All we can do is love what we do, keep working on it, and share it.  If artists ever only posted their best, then maybe those who might just want to follow that path simply don’t bother because they are too afraid to share the things they think just didn’t work out quite the way they wanted them to or that others would say….. not good enough.

In a world where we are continually told what to think is good, or the norm, or whatever the latest height of perfection is meant to be, I wish others would share their own ‘not so great works’ – be it music, art, books, poetry…it matters not.  What really should matter is that we can always improve, and that is a huge and fun part of the journey.

I know I still have so much more to learn, experiment with and just ‘do’.  So if you are a budding artist, just ‘do it’.

I will be………… x




Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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