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Flipping the Bird for Art?

Well.. did the blog title get your attention??  Aww.. it’s not quite what it seems… sorry!  I just liked that title.

I have always wished I had either kept my earlier artistic attempts, or at least still had the photos… however, for many reasons I have not been able to.  As a young child I always loved anything artistic/creative, and I remember doing many projects – not only at home, but also at school.  As structured as it was ( I really didn’t like having to draw a box of Kellog’s Cornflakes), I did enjoy the variety of creative short courses.

Unfortunately not much remains from those days – mostly just memories.

I do remember back in the mid to late 70’s enjoying metalcraft – we did enameling among other things, which I loved.  Photography was back in the days of actually going into a dark room and processing all your own negatives in those massive trays of chemicals.  One thing I did love was chiseling out a block of wood for a ‘wood print’ (my owl -) , and then a “vinyl block print” from which I still have a scar when the tool I was using slipped and went whizzing across my thumb.  I guess that’s the memory trigger?

Further back from that when I was even younger, in the UK I loved cross stitching, embroidery and also making ‘art’ from various materials ( I remember sewing by hand, a collage of materials in the form of an owl onto some canvas – maybe the inspiration for that later wood block owl?)  Mind you I am sure if I still had any of my work it would merely be the attempts of a young child and nodding people would say, ‘nice’.  Hehehe!

I am sure a couple of my old friends from school in New Zealand, who are also friends on Facebook would remember our ‘woodwork’ classes.

The one I remember the most is ‘The Bird’!  I think the bird was prefabricated to a point – I could be wrong, but either way we had to learn how to sand it to give it smooth and curved edges, and we also had to supply our own base.  Mine was a piece of driftwood.   The eye in mine was Paua Shell, and I DO remember, when we were allowed to use heat… that I kinda burnt the end of my bird’s nose!

Today, this may sound like a very lame class, but we are talking about 35 plus years ago… oh my.. how time flies!

My parents kept this particular piece of mine… and it’s today still sitting in their home…….weathered and faded, but when I finally saw these photo’s, it took me back many decades.  Oh how I wish I still had all the other things I did so long ago!

So here for your amusement…….. “THE BIRD”………

The Bird, enjoying the New Zealand sun……
The Bird… indoors and dry… aged about 35 yrs old 🙂
So I guess that even if you love something at an early age, but then go on into a different field altogether… there is always a good chance that your ‘first love’ will come back to claim you!


Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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