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Have you ever been a fool?

Many of you will have seen the artwork I did for my friend, singer/songwriter Simon Allan last year. That would be his debut single “Demons and Dreams”. Simon’s lyrics are based on life experiences, emotions and his view of the world.

Songwriters can give us a sneak peek at their own lives and how they deal with all the emotional roller coasters that come their way – be they in the past or present. It’s like poetry put to music – you can understand and resonate with the words, or they may even have no meaning whatsoever to you. What matters is that our musicians go through great effort, time and emotion to produce their songs.

Simon’s latest release is called “FOOL”. He asked me to come up with an idea for some artwork and independently of each other, we thought of the “Fool” card in the Tarot deck. I wanted to keep it in a similar style to the card, but make it a bit more modern. The rest of the design is from my strange imagination. This piece was done using Corel Painter 12 which at the time was still relatively new to me. It was fun to do and I’m glad Simon liked it as it took me a while. I did it in about 4 separate painting layers. The background, the hands, the deck of ‘heart’ cards and finally the Fool card.

You can check out the track here on Simon’s Reverbnation page-

Simon Allan FOOL Simply hit the play button! 

You can also find him here on Facebook – SIMON ALLAN . This is his music page and where you can see what he is up to!

Below – Simon’s first release – Demons and Dreams



Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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