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Musical Friends Painted Digitally

Again I am posting this one for those who do not follow me on Facebook, or chose not to even have a Facebook page.

Here are a couple of my friends who are talented musicians.  I like to keep trying new things with the software I have although I still have this thing about blending, which is in my opinion understandable, because that’s how I’ve painted in oils for years.  Old habits die hard eh?  However I did get to play with various brushes and effects on each layer as I went along, so that in itself was a bonus for me.

So here are the paintings I have done so far and a link to their respective pages/sites if you’d like to check them out!

This is Bill Belcher.  I first met Bill through MySpace and was able to not only see him perform ‘live’ via a webcast or two, but also have a CD of his music.  The original photo of Bill was in black and white, and as I love working with black and white, that is how I painted it.  Then I got the crazy idea to add some colour, so all I really did was use some ‘watercolour’ washes over his face, hands and guitar body and adjusted the effect accordingly.  Still so much to learn, but I am not concerned – after watching Master Painters who have been using this software for decades I am quite happy with my progress of less than a year.

To the right is Ken O’Gorman who, as you can see, plays the Saxaphone.  With this one I did try out something different and that was using an airbrush ‘pepper spray’ to try and create some skin texture.  It looked great on the screen I use for painting, but on the computer monitor I made poor Ken look like a pitted orange!  Not good!  So I blurred it out a lot, added some background bits and pieces and this is the result.  (Yes, another learning piece!)

This is my friend Yannaki Arrizza who plays amazing  Latin/New Age music.  The big challenge on this one was to paint the guitar somewhat accurately.  While I know there are a few bits out of place, I think that overall the guitar came out ok.  I also changed his shirt – again using different effects on various layers of it.  His hair was also fun to do after a few hours of pulling my own out.

The last one for this particular post is also an old friend from MySpace days.  Nate Birkey. Not only can Nate play a mean trumpet, he also sings as well. I have a couple of his CD’s and actually listened to them as I painted this one.

I did try something a bit different here.  Rather than using a tight brush I tried painting a bit looser and used a few different brushes, including chalks. Still more to learn in that department too, but it’s all great for me.

I am working on a few other musician friends as well and hope to post them when they are finished.

Just want to say a big thank you to them all for letting me use their photographs!  Your generosity is really helping me on my digital journey.



Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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