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Richard Armitage as the Nasty Guy of Gisborne…..

Richard Armitage is one of my favourite actors.  I’ve enjoyed watching him in North & South, Spooks (MI5 here), and of course as the nasty Guy of Gisborne in the UK series Robin Hood. Of course he is also in the latest offering from Peter Jackson as Thorin Oakenshield in the new Hobbit movie. (Which I will see at some stage….)

I was actually playing about today with some vector graphic tutorials and driving myself crazy – so I thought it would be best to take a break and perhaps paint something instead!

This one is all ‘oil painting’ in my Painter 12 software.   I have yet to find a really good way of doing men’s stubble – so for now I just used the coarse airbrush.  I did get a bit carried away and he looked like he had fallen face first into a pile of iron shavings!  I thought then I would just give a hint of a 5 o’clock shadow and perhaps at some stage I will go off and find some help on how to do it properly and see what others are doing.

I know there are a few of my friends who rather like ol’ Richard too, so for them, and of course myself….so here he is as Guy of Gisborne.  Enjoy!




Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

4 thoughts on “Richard Armitage as the Nasty Guy of Gisborne…..

  1. Now, ladies, get hold of yourselves. He's not THAT hot… 🙂 But he is pretty cute. Love his eyes, and Sally, you did a great job with this pic…stubble or no stubble.

    Keep going, hon. Don't let anything stop you. You ARE gifted. Big hugs- Betty (yes, the amazing one… LOL) ❤


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