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Re-mix and re-release of Mariposa – Guitarra Azul – UPDATE

Many of you have seen the art work I did for Guitarra Azul for their CD’s “Oasis” and “Lotus Flower”. However their first CD “Mariposa” was the one that got me loving their music.
Steve told me they were re-releasing Mariposa and could I do the artwork.  Of course I said yes.  Everyone, especially artists, has their own ideas of what they like and part of working with others is that you are there to produce something that they want.  It is so easy to get all excited and carried away by the opportunity, which of course I did!  Eventually though what Steve envisioned came together and as they say the rest is history.

If you have ever listened to Mariposa you might, as I did, wonder why it was being re-released.  So…I asked Steve and he told me this:


“I decided to re-release Mariposa in 2008 after finishing our Oasis CD. We had gotten so much better at recording and getting the way we sound live in the studio. Overall Oasis is sonically ‘hotter’ than Mariposa even though I feel that the songs on Mariposa are better from a compositional standpoint – additionally David Chiriboga played so brilliantly on Oasis that I felt that we should erase all of my rhythm guitar tracks and replace them with David’s. Adding his playing to Mariposa lifted the sound to new heights.

All of the melodies and solos that are on Mariposa will still be there. We are adding some additional percussion by another new Guitarra Azul member – the dynamic young percussionist Jose Montejano and some Palmas – the traditional Flamenco syncopated clapping.”

This original blog was posted in January this year with the first “Mariposa” artwork – but after getting some new art software, I messed about more with the background and Steve finally decided to use the one you see above.   The CD was released in August of this year and you can find it on itunes, and CD Baby where you will find all their other CD’s too.  If you are in the Chicago area, you can also check out where they are performing from their own Guitarra Azul website.  

So what else has Steve been up to since January?  Well the Steve Edwards Orchestra has been putting some awesome Pop Medley’s together.  Check out the latest video “Pop Medley 2” uploaded on October 8th over on YOUTUBE – or simply watch from here. You’ll find Pop Medley 1 up there too.


For those that have never heard of Guitarra Azul, here is a video from the first Mariposa – Tres Lagrimas just to get you started!




Self taught artist back living in New Zealand after more than a decade of living in Canada. Starting over in more ways than one but always up for the challenge!

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